UCD Report of the President 2012 – 2013

UCD Report of the President 2012 - 2013

We were requested to update text and imagery on this large publication (following an existing design template).

UCD Campus Guide Map Design

The Request

UCD approached us to create a user-friendly map to be incorporated into pocket guides for students and tourists alike who visit the UCD campus annually. This map was adjusted for different versions of the pocket guides i.e. period homes, sculptures and woodland walks.

The Result

Akgraphics hand-painted a watercolour map of UCD’s campus grounds. The guide itself folds down from a large map and poster to easily fit into a DL holder or pocket. Reverse to the map, each different guide outlines some indexed features subject to the topic of the guide. Printed on high-quality uncoated paper stock, the addition of beautiful photography of period homes, sculptures and walkways adds to the appeal of these publications.

Flags for UCD

This project was to design / layout and produce portable full colour flags for the front entrance of The UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies – a beautiful old residence in UCD, Belfield.
A clean cut generic flag design, befitting official formal events, was created using American colours to represent the focus for research and postgraduate teaching in the field of American Studies.

Map Design for UCD Guide

Easy to follow maps designed for parking guide

To help new students, UCD Dublin needed to produce a range of guides including a “Guide to Parking on Campus” and a “Campus Commuting Guide”. AKGraphics took the maps and customised these into custom-made infographic designs so that they would be easily understood by the new students. The colour coded maps used in the guides ensured that the information was easy to understand. By having custom maps designed you can specify exactly what information to show and how exactly it looks. The style of the UCD maps for Belfield and Blackrock matches the clean and modern style of the guides. AKGraphics can illustrate and design your map or infographic to match any style or look that you need.




Event graphics, including online email invitation and seminar schedule brochure

Email event invitation design for Bord na Gaeilge UCD and seminar brochure design

AKGraphics were requested by Bord na Gaeilge UCD to design an email / online bilingual invitation, plus a printed schedule multi-lingual seminar brochure for their seminar on supporting and developing minority language communities in higher education.
AKGraphics ensured that the online invitation design was clear, concise, welcoming and informative. The multi-lingual invitation featured three different languages in total, consisting of Gaeilge, Scottish Gaeilge and English. If not carefully designed this email online invitation had the potential to look overwhelming with a vast array of text. Therefore AKGraphics liaised directly with Bord na Gaeilge UCD, to condense content and designed this online invitation to welcome the intended international delegates to this seminar. Once our online invitation design was approved by Bord na Gaeilge UCD, AKGraphics implemented this design into MailChimp, which allowed Bord na Gaeilge UCD to send and track the invitations. In addition to this, once the invitations were received there was also an option built into the format which allowed intended delegates to rsvp immediately online.
If you are organising an event whether large or small, online email invitations are a great tool to consider for saving that specific date, plus it also gives you instant feedback. Key for you as a customer is to have a database of your intended target market, thats something that all businesses must keep building on daily.
Following on from the online invitation design, Bord na Gaeilge UCD requested a printed schedule multi-lingual seminar brochure consisting of two languages in total. A tall easy to handle seminar brochure was designed in full, for ease of use on the day, comfortable to hold and also refer to throughout the day. AKGraphics will always discuss in depth with our customers first before any design begins, regarding the final size and page count of any brochure, plus the requirements that this brochure must meet.
Following on from the printed seminar brochure, AKGraphics also additional designed this brochure in A4 format which allowed the organisers to email it to attendees just before the event. The seminar brochure design was also used for screen graphics as a backdrop for the seminar.
Seminar Brochure Design Dublin and Carlow
Seminar Brochure Design Dublin and Carlow
Event brochure design by AKGraphics Graphic Design Company
Seminar Brochure Design Dublin and Carlow

Promotion of UCD healthy walk initiative

Healthy UCD is promoting heart health by launching a new Healthy UCD walk around the campus and they required printed maps to promote this initiative to staff, students and visitors. The campaign’s aim is to encourage the staff and students to walk more around the grounds of UCD
This is a brilliant initiative but without the correct promotional and informational material awareness would be low. UCD approached AKGraphics to design 12 maps that would be mounted onto sign posts around the campus. This walk utilises the woodland paths and has marks every 0.5km so people can easily keep track of the distance they cover during a walk. The idea is to spur people to get more steps into their day. The focus of this initiative in the short to medium term seeks to enhance UCD as a health promoting setting and raise an awareness of individuals’ capacity to improve their own health status. A different point is highlighted on each map as a “you are here” pink arrow. The bright pink colour clearly marks your location and the trail on the map hopefully encourages users to continue onto the next point. The hashtag #HealthyUCD also features prominently in the design to encourage walkers to engage with the campaign through social media. The map was also supplied to UCD in digital format so that it is available online for anyone interested in looking up the new suggested routes.



As with other jobs AK Graphics have produced for UCD, this project was approached in a professional and creative manner. Feedback has been very positive on the initiative and this is due in part to our ability to market the walks in a creative and recognisable form thanks to the input from Anne and her team
Mark Simpson, UCD

If you have a campaign or initiative that you would like to promote you can email or call us on 059-9133633 and we can chat through the variety of options available to you.




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