Glanbia Grass Roots Seed Brochure

The Request

Glanbia Agribusiness requested AKGraphics to redesign the Mastercrop Grass and Roots Seed A5 Brochure.

The Result

Mastercrop Seeds, backed by Glanbia, has been involved in the production of certified seed grain for over 30 years, and this detailed A5 brochure covers the widest range of grass and seed mixtures in Ireland.

When AKGraphics began working on this brochure, on behalf of Glanbia Agribusiness, the key factors for consideration were strong visuals and condensing the text content. Working alongside the Glanbia Marketing Manager we were able to meet these requirements to produce a professional brochure that appeals to its target market.

AKGraphics were delighted to work on the updated 2015 version of this brochure for Glanbia Agribusiness.

Creative Folder Design

As part of their extensive nutrition services on offer Glanbia Agribusiness can now provide a Soil Fertility Programme to help integrate soil science and grassland production with animal nutrition. Using the very latest information and technology on hand Glanbia Agribusiness can provide accurate recommendations based on soil analysis results.
Supporting marketing material for the Soil Fertility Programme included a printed folder designed by AKGraphics. This folder was used to present a number of leaflets and had a folded flap to keep all content neatly in place. The folder design is vibrant, bright and eye-catching. Using bold graphic shapes highlights the scientific elements that are part of the programme. Information on the programme is presented in a way that encourages engagement with its customers. We designed custom info-graphics to use in the folder design to highlight important facts and figures. The Soil Fertility Programme is quite technical but the interesting creative folder design ensures that readers attention is maintained.
If you require design for promotional material for your company, please get in touch with us. AKGraphics help clients to grow their brands through creative design for print and online communications. Since 1994, we have been working together with clients creating design that works. AKGraphics create driven design, effective and adaptable solutions that meet our clients needs. Please call AKGraphics on +353 59 9133633 to discuss your next design project, as we always have time to discuss a new venture.


graphic_design_folder_inserts_akgraphics_glanbia design_folder_inserts design_folder_inserts_glanbia design_folder_inserts_glanbia_akgraphics Creative folder design Ireland

GlanbiaAgri Flyer to promote website & competition

The Request

Glanbia required a double sided A4 flyer to promote their website and online veterinary store. The company approached AKGraphics to assist them in designing a friendly, approachable and less corporately oriented handout for their customers. This flyer would also include details of a competition.

The Result

Using the colours from the Glanbia logo and bright agricultural photographs, AKGraphics designed an eye-catching and straightforward flyer that focused on the benefits of Glanbia’s veterinary store service and promoted visiting the website. On the front of the flyer, benefits were highlighted in short, quick and easy to read bullet points. An attractive promotional section advertising a prize draw mechanism to encourage Glanbia Agri’s customers to complete the simple (and perforated) form on the reverse of the flyer. By using a competition to encourage readers to provide you with their details you can build up a good data base of potential clients.
The flyer was printed on uncoated paper giving it a more exclusive feel.

Glanbia Tillage Newsletter

Promotional newsletters or informative brochures are a great way to keep in touch with your customers. Customers receive useful information which helps them to view your company as helpful and supportive and you benefit by increasing brand awareness which can lead to an increase in sales.

Analysing the performance of the previous winter, it was clear to Glanbia that the better crops came from the best performing fields. Having previously worked with AKGraphics before Glanbia approached us to design an informative brochure to help farmers optimize their fields and crops for the year ahead. Allowing them to make informed and conscious decisions surrounding cropping and soil fertility to ensure the best results.
Cover of Glanbia Tillage Newsletter
Spread of Glanbia Tillage Newsletter
When designing the booklet we used photography throughout the booklet along with a bright, eye-catching colour palette to really catch reader’s attention. We divided up the text using headings and blocks of colour allowing readers to differentiate between sections of the brochure.
We designed the informative booklet to A4 size on a silk finish paper and used a saddle stitch bind as we felt it would keep it neat and compact for readers.

We design newsletters on a regular basis for many of our clients, some monthly and some quarterly. If you require design for a newsletter or informative booklet that is bespoke and specifically aimed at your target market your company, please get in touch with Anne on +353 59 9133633 or email 

“I would highly recommend Anne and her team in AKGraphics. I have worked with them for the past few years and have always found their work to be highly creative and top quality. Anne and the team have always met any tight deadlines we have set and constantly produce great design work for us which include print and online advertising, concept/design development, direct mail, corporate brochures, exhibition materials etc.”
Rob O’Keefe, Marketing Manager at Glanbia, Kilkenny

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