Walsh Whiskey

Walsh Whiskey

Design of Event / Product Launch Graphics

The Request

Walsh Whiskey Distillery needed to brand the wide open field space for the sod turning. This included a grass area with the two marquees in front of Holloden House, in Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow, plus the sod turning area. It was no mean task to create graphics for this entire area and it was essential that we took account of Ireland’s variable weather. AKGraphics discussed the various design suggestions with the Walsh Whiskey Distillery team and Dempsey PR.

The Result

The final solution was to brand very large portable flags for the sod turning area, effective signage for the wide open spaces, and customised large posters displayed on easels and pop-up banners for the marquees. We also branded the beautiful oak whiskey cask barrels with a custom logo stencil, which was a very effective way to emphasise our client’s brand. These will be reusable items for other Walsh Whiskey Distillery launches or events.

For the sod turning registration, branded lanyards were created with name badges. There was also various small signage along the driveway of Holloden House, regarding the history of the age-old trees throughout the Demesne. The large posters displayed on easels in the marquees revealed the look and feel of the new Walsh Whiskey Distillery and also illustrated the full potential export market (a number of whiskey experts from around the world were in attendance).

All of the above graphics created a professional brand for Walsh Whiskey Distillery. It was a most memorable occasion and the audience was hugely impressed by such a great setting and atmosphere. It was a real pleasure for AKGraphics to work on this event and we look forward to the opening of the Walsh Whiskey Distillery in 2016.

Letterhead design for Walsh Whiskey Distillery

The Request

Making a great first impression… that was the design brief AKGraphics received from Walsh Whiskey Distillery, for the design and print of luxurious stationery with a difference…
Making a great first impression – that was the design brief from Walsh Whiskey Distillery to AKGraphics.

The Result

It was no small request to figure out the design and printing process for Walsh Whiskey Distillery stationery. To find the perfect design, AKGraphics pursued many ideas and went through several stages but we’re sure you’ll agree that the chosen result is memorable.
The first stage was to simplify the Walsh Whiskey Distillery brand from the existing packaging, so that it would reproduce in foil on colour card for the business cards, but on white for the letterhead and compliment slip.
The result for the business cards was black on black with a twist of foil they were dual cards (2 boards back to back) which makes the business cards very durable. These were printed with black and copper foil on one side and the reverse with white and copper foil. The foils created a debating effect which added to the impressive look. The letterhead and compliment slip were printed on white, high quality stationery paper with black and copper foil to give that exquisite look and feel. AKGraphics used a quality stationery printers who offered lots of advice on this specific job for Walsh Whiskey Distillery. The printed results were truly great.

Company Overview Luxury Brochure Design

In response to the consistent growth of its own brands of Whiskey, and the long term global outlook for the Irish whiskey category generally, Walsh Whiskey Distillery has invested in a major expansion through the development of its own distillery. This 8 page brochure provides an interesting insight into the Walsh Whiskey Distillery. The design used in this brochure reflects the high end tone surrounding the Walsh Whiskey brand. The brochure acts as an elegant and atmospheric introduction to the Walsh Whiskey Distillery. To set this brochure apart form other brochures a luxury and tactile textured paper stock was selected for print. The brochure design was further enhanced using a copper foil on the cover to highlight the Walsh Whiskey Distillery logo. The finished printed brochure truly captures the sprit of Walsh Whiskey Distillery and will enable their clients to understand the vision for a world class source of premium Irish Whiskey.

Brochure Design for Walsh Whiskey


Brochure Design for Walsh Whiskey

Tourism Sector Promotional Flyer Design for Walsh Whiskey Distillery Tours

Tourism in Ireland is a very competitive and dynamic business. We are here to help increase awareness of a variety of attractions among international visitors and the domestic market. Marketing and promotion are extremely important when it comes to generating interest around your particular tourist attraction. We have experience creating stunning designs for a number of clients in the Travel and Tourism industry and so Walsh Whiskey Distillery approached us to design a promotional leaflet to promote their Distillery tours. 

It is important to highlight the unique aspects of the tourist attraction that you wish to promote. Keeping this in mind we used a selection of photographs of the lush green surrounds of the distillery within the design of the folded DL leaflet. Without reading one word on the flyer these photographs depict the historic Royal Oak estate, including Holloden House (1755) and the beautiful scenery that makes Royal Oak, Co. Carlow, the perfect place to craft exceptional whiskeys.

Thinking about the positioning of tourism leaflets in display holders we positioned the key information in the top section of the front of the flyer. The Walsh Whiskey Distillery brand colours were used throughout the flyer design to ensure a strong link back to all other promotional information, including print adverts in a variety of magazines. 

As the distillery is located on an 18th century estate we felt that the paper stock should reflect this old world countryside atmosphere. An uncoated stock was selected and a heavier paper than would ordinarily be used, to give a more luxurious feel. Visitors can experience the ancient craft of distilling in a range of fully guided, multi-sensory tours.

The three different tour options are presented clearly on the inside of the flyer. Readers can see at a glance the cost of each tour and the different whiskeys they will taste. Custom icons were created to depict the specific whiskey glasses used by Walsh Whiskey during the tasting, these icons show how many different whiskeys a visitor will sample during each tour option. Along with information on the tours it is essential that potential visitors are clear on the location of the distillery. The back page gives a visual guide on the location of the distillery on a map of Ireland and also highlights that the distillery is part of Ireland’s Ancient East region. Three more custom icons were created for the transport options, bus, train and car. Although small, these icons add an extra handcrafted feel to the flyer. 

A large print run of 50,000 flyers was produced and these have been distributed to tourist offices and hotels around Ireland. We would highly recommend a visit to the distillery – you are sure to enjoy one of the educational and entertaining, fully guided tours. You will get a behind the scenes look at how Irish whiskey is really made and meet the team who put dedication and passion into every bottle and after the tour enjoy a tasting of some of the finest Irish whiskeys.

If you would like to promote your own tourist attraction or place of interest we are here to help. A well designed DL folded flyer is essential so that you can distribute them to tourism information centres so that your “hidden gem” is found by the visitors that you want to attract. Email or call us on 059-9133633 and we can discuss how we can help you.
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Tips for Successful Ribbon Cutting Events, Product Launches and Promotional Events for your Company

Tips for Successful Ribbon Cutting Events, Product Launches and Promotional Events for your Company

So you are organising an event for your company, and you are thinking that it will be overwhelming, expensive, time-consuming … the list goes on.

However despite all of the hard work involved, these events are a very effective way to connect with your customers and suppliers. You can use events such as product launches to promote your new product successfully by ensuring that everything runs smoothly so that you make the best possible first impression. You can also use the event as a way of generating publicity and press coverage which can include social media mentions, online articles, printed reports in local or national newspapers and of course local and national TV. When you consider what a great opportunity for publicity your event can be you will want to make sure that you get all elements of the event to look fantastic and AKGraphics can help you with that.

Event Graphics Dublin Carlow by AKGraphics

So, what can we help you with? We think it’s a good idea to really focus on the most important elements of your event. Within the last 8 weeks we have worked with a number of our clients to make sure that their launches are a success and you will see some examples of our design work for them in our tips below.


1. Set the tone with INVITATION DESIGN

Your invitation design will set the tone for your event and it should depict the atmosphere of your event. AKGraphics will also discuss your options on the different types of invitations that are appropriate for corporate events.

For example you might not want or need to send physical invitations by post. In that case an online custom invitation is an ideal solution. They allow you to send and track the invitations quickly and easily. Plus once the digital invitations are received your intended delegates can rsvp immediately online. If you are organising an event whether large or small, online email invitations are a great tool to consider. Recently, AKGraphics designed an email invitation for UCD, which greatly helped the success of their event.

Digiital online invitation design Dublin Carlow

However if your event has a more formal feel a beautifully designed printed invitation may be a more appropriate option. AKGraphics will design your bespoke invitations and we will also present options on print finished such as foils and custom or unusual shapes. These special touches will ensure that the recipient of your invitation is eager to attend your event. Paper types and coloured envelopes can also add a special feel to your custom designed invitation. Below is our invitation design for Walsh Whiskey Distillery ribbon cutting event. You can read more about this event invitation design here.

Of course if your event is open to your entire target market an open invitation in the form of a flyer, newspaper advert and online adverts will ensure that you reach a large audience. In this case the newspaper advert or online advert design needs to catch your target market’s attention and it needs to tempt them to attend your event. An effective example of this type of engaging and informative invitation design can be viewed below, where AKGraphics designed this invitation for Keenan’s Open Day.

Event_graphics_flyer_invitation_design1Invitation design Dublin Carlow

2. Give out branded items that your attendees will take home with them

Although your event may only last one day or a few hours you will want the positive impact of the day to stay with your target market for longer than that.

It might be essential to give the attendees something, for example at a recent seminar for UCD Bord na Gaelic each delegate needed a printed schedule to follow the times and topics of each speaker. AKGraphics designed this booklet so that it was clear, concise, welcoming and informative. UCD were also able to use the design on a large presentation on a screen as a backdrop at the event. Read more about our bespoke branded items that helped make UCD’s event a success.

Another nice option for events is to give the attendees a gift to take home. For the Walsh Whiskey Distillery ribbon cutting, AKGraphics designed a custom gift bag which were given to each attendee after being filled with a variety of branded gifts, including a custom designed box with whiskey tasting glass. Gift bags can be designed by AKGraphics to be any size and to match to your branding, in the case of Walsh Whiskey the bag also featured a copper foil to add a touch of luxury and prestige.

Event_graphics_custom_bag_design1Event Graphics Dublin Carlow by AKGraphics

3. Brand your event with a range of DISPLAY SOLUTIONS these will all appear in photos / videos taken at the event

Of course items used to dress your event space will make the area look nice but the true role of these display items is to brand your event. You must remember that there will be many photographs taken at the event and possible even videos. It should be your aim that your company branding comes across in these photos and that the overall look of the event is memorable for all the potential customers attending.

At the recent ribbon cutting for Walsh Whiskey Distillery working alongside a PR company AKGraphics designed many of the display solutions that enhanced the launch day. These included large branded flags, temporary signage for the ribbon cutting, permanent signage which featured custom crafted oak elements. Also used were displays featuring the many different Whiskey box packaging designed by AKGraphics also. The ribbon cutting event received heavy press coverage which is always important when promoting a new product or service.

If your event is taking place in a venue other that your own premises it will be important to focus your display solutions on portable options that you can use multiple times at different events. This means that you will get more use out of these display options. At the Keenan open day event that we worked on we designed flags and display boards. These are an ideal solution to add instant branding to any area and the  flags and boards could be seen on the coverage from the RTE News.

If your event was carefully planned and executed well you will see the benefits in a stronger relationship with your target market, better brand awareness through the press coverage you will receive and increased product or service sales. Take for example the press received by the Keenan Open Day event which featured on the Six One news and Nine O’Clock News on RTE. The Walsh Whiskey Distillery ribbon cutting event also received impressive world-wide press coverage and publicity from a number of different outlets.

AKGraphics is a graphic design agency with over 22 year experience and because of this we are the ideal company to help you with some or all aspects of your event. From start to finish we will ensure that your event looks great and your attendees are left with positive memories associated with your brand. Contact us now on +353 59 9133633 or email Anne to discuss the different design options for your event.

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