AKG T-shirt Design

AKG T-shirt Design

Ever thought of printing a design from front to back across the seam of a t-shirt? We did and it turned out great!

Great print results can be gotten from even the quirkiest of designs and small quantities are more affordable than you may think!

AKGraphics Self-Promotional Tshirt
AKGraphics Self-Promotional T-shirt

Our friends at McGowans have gotten a new Kornit Avalanche printer which makes printing t-shirts easier and much more cost-effective.

T-shirts are great for trade shows, promotions and events, and now with the unique set up of the Avalanche printer it’s much more flexible to create interesting and individual designs.

One t-shirt can be designed and printed just as easily as one hundred so let us know if you’ve anything coming up and would like a t-shirt designed, we’d be happy to help!

Pop over to our Pinterest and see some other t-shirts we’ve done!

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