AKGraphics Marketing Campaign

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AKGraphics Marketing Campaign

What Did We Need?

We wanted to reach new clients who were based in diverse city centers. However, we didn’t want to target them with a standard marketing campaign. We know that the market is saturated with advertisements and we wanted to come up with an innovative way to grab attention while showcasing our design ability and creativity. In a world that is filled with digital advertisements, we decided to reach out with a direct delivery.

The Solution

Lions heads, Rubber Ducks, Lab Coats, Spray Paint, Test Tubes, Mini Telescopes, Brains and Light Bulbs – have we gone mad? Maybe! The objective? A disruptive marketing campaign that made the recipients sit up and take notice. We achieved this element of curiosity and mystery with a two-part direct mail campaign. We wanted our first mailer to address the recipient directly and ‘Create Curiosity’ without revealing our identity. The purpose was to capture attention and leave them guessing and intrigued. This ensured that they wouldn’t receive ‘just another brochure’ and forget five minutes later – it encouraged them to think, to figure out why they received it and who it came from. Two days later, we then followed up with a second delivery to ‘Clear the Confusion’ that unveiled who we were and prompted them to visit our website to learn more about us.

We handcrafted each element of the campaign and every detail was embedded with hidden elements of our identity. This included a custom font made from scratch based on a grid system. We created two responsive landing pages and an Instagram account.

The first landing page included clues to our identity and the second landing page unveiled our identity with a link to our own website. Creating the landing pages and Instagram account were important to the campaign to enable us to showcase two of our new services- web design and social media marketing. Want to find out more about how we did this? Check out our blog post HERE.

The Result

The campaign generated engagement, built brand awareness, increased our following, expanded our network and allowed our designers to have a creative output. We received a number of new clients and also networked with many more. All elements of the campaign were designed intentionally for reuse to target another audience if desired. Choosing the alternative route for this marketing campaign definitely paid off and we had a lot of fun in the process!

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