Seedtech – Marketing Campaign Stamp Design & Graphic Elements

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Seedtech – Marketing Campaign Stamp Design & Graphic Elements

Seedtech is the leading wholesale seed company in Ireland selling directly to large and small retailers. They are a leading producer of commercial grade (C1) cereal seed in Ireland.


As the only producer of Hybrid Barley seed in Ireland they ran a campaign that communicates to farmers the success of sowing their Hybrid Barley seed.

We designed a campaign logo that would appear on all print and digital collateral. The premium logo helps Hybrid Barley feel like a brand in it’s own right. It’s designed to sit “into” images to add depth and catch attention. The campaign message that Hybrid Barley equals more profit is supported by three different pillars. 

We designed sample print adverts that show how each of the pillars should look. These included custom icons that highlight the “Prove it for Yourself” pillar steps. The adverts inspired the design of other social media and video promotions. This project came to us after the success of another received Specialist Nutrition project we completed. 

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