ICL – Logo Design & Van Graphics


ICL – Logo Design & Van Graphics

ICL have dealt primarily in the Telecommunications sector, specialising in fibre optics, network surveys and wayleaving, for the past twenty years. 

ICL approached us to design them a new brand identity. Previously known as Integrated Communications Limited, they wanted to shorten their name to simply ICL. They wanted a modern logo design with a large emphasis on the letters ICL and some kind of a 3D effect to be incorporated.

When starting the new logo design we had to establish a style. ICL deal with connections, whether it be telecommunications or broadband, so we incorporated this idea in the logo design. We decided the best way to represent this was to connect each letter to each other. To achieve the 3D effect that ICL asked for, we applied a slight shadowing onto the blue, white and red colour scheme ICL wanted to continue with. 

A red square was placed above the letter ‘i’ to create contrast with the blue logo. This consequently helped with the legibility of the logo design whilst also enhancing the technological and modern style of the logo and brand.

We applied the new ICL brand onto their vehicles also, which included vans, jeeps and cars. We wanted to allow the vibrant ICL blue and red to stand out whilst not taking away from the logo itself. The idea was that the van would be instantly recognisable on the road and should catch people’s attention no matter the weather. This was achieved by wrapping the back of the van in vibrant colours and angled edging. 

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