The Old Yard – Preserve Label Design


The Old Yard – Preserve Label Design

The Old Yard approached AKGraphics to design labels for their range of 11 jams, marmalades and chutneys. As we had to approach this in an economical way, we designed a simple one-colour print label. This way the whole range would look like a collective, while still being unique in the flavour of preserve.

The Old Yard selected a hand-written/script font to reflect the hand-made, family business and to integrate well with the existing logo. We then customised this font to make it unique to The Old Yard and to enhance legibility. White was an effective colour choice as it contrasts with the colour of the preserves. By using a transparent label, this meant that customers could see the product inside the jar, which strengthens the idea that this is a wholesome product made on a farm in rural Ireland.

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