AKGraphics’ Tips: Preparing for and Surviving Tradeshows

AKGraphics’ Tips: Preparing for and Surviving Tradeshows

It’s tradeshow time of year and we’ve prepared a quick 7 step ‘To Do’ list for before, during and after tradeshow events.

Tradeshows work in 3 stages: Before, During and After and the more contact you have with your target market during all of these stages the better.

1. Let your audience know you’re going to be there.

Even if you have not received your specific row / booth / stand number yet the earlier you let your target market know you’re going to be at an event the better.

This can be done via social media, printed flyers, postcards / newsletters, signage, email or newspaper ads.

2. Be easy to find.

You might not receive your row / booth / stand number until the last minute so the last thing you want is to have spent all that time promoting that you’re going to be at an event and your clients can’t even find you when it comes to it.

Utilise social media and tweet or post directions to your trade stand. Even a simple ‘We’re four stalls down from the chip van’ will help!

Once you know your location of your trade stand let your audience know.

3. Be prepared.

It’s important to be prepared. Organise in advance what it is you want to achieve and then work out your budget around that. To do this AKGraphics are here to assist regarding direction, quotations, budget, design, print and delivery.

Your trade stand needs to explain who you are and what you’re about in one glance, we recommend to keep it simple, bright and inviting. Once you’ve attracted an audience make sure that your stand is easy to navigate. Nothing will put a person off more than the thought of having to squeeze their way in and out.

With outdoor events it’s all about stability. Your displays must be secure and where they’re placed must be thought about. Again, AKGraphics are here to assist regarding layout, finish and assembly.

Tradeshows are crowded and you don’t want to be in people’s way and worse you don’t want your trade stand to be dangerous to walk around with low hanging displays or things that can trip people up.

4. Stand Out – Remember less is more.

It’s important that you get your brand and name out there but sometimes companies trade stands can be overkill and they end up driving clients away rather than enticing them in.

We inform our clients preparing for tradeshows that three key items done well will work best. These can range from flags to various different size and shape displays.We can design and supply: PVC Banners, Corriboard Signs, Marquee Graphics, Signage, Wall Graphics Flexiwalls, Flags, Promotional Clothing, Promotional Items, Flyers, Brochures, Postcards, Business Cards, Stickers, Promotional Bags, Pop-up Banners, Videos and more.

Tradeshows are about getting your brand and your product / service out there and the more attractive and inviting your trade stand the more you’ll be remembered.

5.  You’re there to entertain.

Tradeshows are big events for companies to do and can be very daunting, a few days of interacting directly and constantly with clients is hard work but the importance of doing this well can’t be forgotten.

People want to be attracted into your trade stand and promotional items are the best way to do this. Everyone loves free stuff be it a bowl of sweets or a simple tote bag that could have your logo / brand printed across it. Examples of things that we know to work are: Printed pens, notepads, keyrings, memory sticks, draw string bags, stickers and for a younger audience; setting up a scene to get people to photograph themselves at and post to social media. This is a very simple way of promoting your business as the client is doing all the work!

6. Sell your business – Your Unique Selling Point.

The point of a tradeshow is to get your name out there and get your product / service known and more importantly remembered and you want to be remembered for the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

Make sure you’re smartly presented – first impressions last.

Printed tshirts are an inexpensive and easy way to keep your staff looking smart and unified as a team.

Smile. Keep it friendly. Tradeshows are surprisingly tiring and we know exactly how it feels trying to keep cheery for the day and know it is easier said than done but it really is a point we can’t stress more. We’re repeating ourselves but you’re there to entertain your clients and give them the best impression of your business and a simple smile goes a long way.

You’d be surprised how many businesses do forget to bring business cards to tradeshows. It’d be great to think that you’d be remembered easily but tradeshows are busy and people are visiting multiple trade stands over long days so getting a printed business card and getting it out to as many people as you can will be more than beneficial.

7. Thank you.

The 3rd stage of the tradeshow is the After and it’s just as important as the Before and During.

Making sure you thank your clients for coming to see you as it keeps up positive contact and again doesn’t allow people to forget you easily.

This can be done maybe by sending a emails or printed postcard to clients which brings in a personal element.

It can also be done again over social media, email or on your website.


Hopefully this list will help you in your preparations in the run up to your tradeshow event.

Have a look at our Pinterest to see examples of Tradeshow Graphics that we’ve designed.

Let us know if you’ve any questions or if you’re looking to stand out and be different at an event you’ve coming up, or if you just wish to see more, or discuss a particular project you have in mind, please get in touch.
Have a look at our work at or give us a call on +353 (0)59 9133 633.

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