5 Reasons You Should Customise Your Office

Your office doesn’t

have to be boring...

5 Reasons You Should Customise Your Office


Your working environment affects your employees

The way we work is changing, where we work needs to keep up. When it comes to employee’s satisfaction and productivity, companies like Google and Facebook are leading the way with their innovative employee offerings. They boast perks such as bowling alleys, free food and gym memberships to name a few. Other companies have been fast to follow in their footsteps making changes to boost employee engagement and motivation. Smaller companies need to find a way to keep up to ensure their employees are motivated and inspired – but with limited budget and resources, how can they achieve this? The answer is design. Taking a different approach to design can solve the office slump. This doesn’t require massive budgets and a complete office overhaul; there are small changes that companies can make to combat the old fashioned office layout.

Do you need to make a change?

Have a look around your office, what do you see? Does it reflect what your company stands for? Is it welcoming to new visitors and does it engage employees? If your layout doesn’t address the above, it could be time to have a serious look at the design of your office. A workplace survey from Gensler found that the physical workplace significantly affects productivity and innovation. According to the Accountancy Age Salary Survey 2018, the average person spends more than 84,000 hours at work over the course of their lifetime. The reality is that we actually spend more hours at work during the week than anywhere else.

As a result, companies have started to realise the importance and benefits of having a visually attractive and inspiring workplace. A straightforward but extremely effective way in which companies can improve morale is through the use of wall graphics. Boring, old-fashioned office spaces wont encourage unique thinking and motivated minds. Conversely, brightly coloured, creatively designed walls have the ability to lift moods and allow employees to think outside the box. If you haven’t taken the leap to modernise your office space, here are 5 reasons you should consider wall graphics.

Is your office space dull and boring?
Is your office space dull and boring?

  • 1. Company Mission & Vision </h1 >

    Hanging non-related artwork in your office will not help to connect your brand with employees and clients. It can in fact, create disconnection between your internal and external messaging. Your internal space should be viewed as another marketing channel and therefore should be aligned with your external branding to provide integrated brand communication. Wall graphics can be an extremely effective way to visually communicate your company’s values and goals and to illustrate and promote company culture. It gives an immediate impression of what your company stands for and what you are all about. This can keep your employees focused on your core purpose whilst creating positive morale to keep employees motivated towards that purpose.

    Missions and value graphics

    However, this doesn’t mean just putting your company’s logo and colours all over the walls will suffice. It’s important to creatively interpret your brand values, don’t worry; your graphic designer/visual communicator will help translate your brand story into an inspirational graphic description. Wall graphics are also an excellent tool to visually communicate your company history.

    KEENAN timeline wall graphics

    If you have a rich history or interesting brand story this can be beautifully laid out in a wall graphic as a reminder for you and your team how far you have come.

  • 2. Employee Creativity & Motivation</h1 >

    Your employees are actually the most important audience for your wall graphics as they interact with them on a daily basis. Creative graphics and colour schemes influence workers by setting a tone in the workplace. Whether you want the tone to be interpreted as creative or trustworthy, it can be achieved using wall graphics. A key goal for every company is to have engaged and committed employees. Humans respond very well to visual stimulation, which is why wall graphics can have many benefits for employees in the workplace.

    Macrokiosk – Kuala Lumpur Offices

    Creative and colourful designs can enhance and promote creativity in the office, fun and liberating spaces can broaden employees mind and make them more productive and creative. Vibrant work environments can motivate employees to encourage innovative and creative thinking. A creative environment improves happiness and reduces stress. Less stress means more productivity and as a result a better quality of work.

    Having a visual representation of your companies mission and vision in your office can be an extremely effective training tool for employees. This impresses on your employee, which leads to more confident and inspired employees. This can also instill confidence in your customers as they can clearly see your experience and expertise. Your wall graphics can also be comprised of previous work, past employees, milestone achievements and what ever else is personally valuable to your company.

  • 3. Customer & Client Experience </h1 >

    Both customers and potential clients should be able to instantly recognise who you are and what you do when they walk into your office. First impressions last and wall graphics will give potential clients an instant visual insight into your company and your mission, increasing their level of confidence in your brand.

    Customers need to have confidence in your abilities and if your wealth of experience is showcased in your office they will automatically feel more assured.

    The reception at AKGraphics

    Wall graphics will create an office space that you are proud of and happy to invite people to. Have a look below at how simple wall graphics can transform a dull space into an impressive corporate style room.

    Before wall graphic transformation
    After – KEENAN wall graphic transformation
  • 4. Affordable </h1 >

    For companies who don’t want to fork out full years earnings on massive office overhauls, wall graphics are the perfect solution. They can be an extremely affordable option compared to textured painting, wallpapers and signage boards. The reasonable price tag means you can add, change or remove graphics at a relatively low cost. Not only are they budget friendly, they’re low on maintenance as they are flexible, washable, removable and customisable.

    Small changes can make a big difference
  • 5. Customisation </h1 >

    The beauty of wall graphics is they can be any design, colour and size that you want. You can work with a designer to produce your design and have it transferred onto the wall.

    Macrokiosk – Kuala Lumpur Offices

    Wall graphics are a great option for branding as individual logos and fonts require customisation and wall graphics can be customised to the desired size, colour, shape and design which makes them 100% unique to your business. Applying wall graphics can be done quickly and easily (size dependent) and they can be placed on almost any wall.

    Macrokiosk – Kuala Lumpur Offices

What Should You Put On Your Wall?


Gets you pumped for high-energy meetings, boosts creativity and symbolises endurance. Orange would work well for marketing and design industries.

Promotes a sense of trust, has a calming effect and improves productivity. Blue would be suitable for detail oriented work places like legal, accounting and banking firms where instilling a sense of trust and loyalty among employees and customers is key.



Can be seen as sterile in certain environments but when paired with open spaces can create spaciousness and promote creativity. Again white would be suitable for marketing and design and also for hairdressers and beauticians.

Can stimulate and promote activity while increasing heart rates. This can make it ideal for places focused on physical activity like the gym.



Promotes happiness, optimism and motivation. Yellow has an overall energizing effect, boosting the motivation of those who feel bored or dissatisfied. However, yellow should be used in moderation as a lot can cause eye fatigue due to its light reflecting abilities.

Can relax employees whilst inspiring creative thinking and encourage brainstorming. Surround your employees with shades of green if you need them to brainstorm and come up with new ideas.


With colour psychology in mind, we wanted to introduce vibrant colours to bring life and creative vibes to our office here at AKGraphics. The bright colours and patterns engage clients and visitors as they walk into the office. We also designed a bespoke halolit circular frame incorporating our company logo. We achieved an element of privacy for the office by adding window graphics to our entrance area. Our meeting room features subtle wall graphics using white vinyl letters over clear Perspex.

The reception at AKGraphics


When it comes to creating wall graphics, there are endless options available. You can create multiple styles using textures, colours and designs, creating a unique work environment for you. You should enlist a visual communicator (graphic designer) to work with you to create your wall graphics either based on an existing design or by creating something completely new. They will create custom wall coverings to transform your room no mater the shape or size. Just some of the ways you can customize wall graphics include:

  • Brand Lettering and Logos </h3 >

    Create brand recognition instantly with your logos and font decorating the walls of your office.

  • Brand Mission and Vision </h3 >

    Relay your company’s message to visitors and employees with company tag lines, mission statements or CEO quotes around the office to inspire and motivate.

  • Fine Art Prints</h3 >

    Transform a plain wall into a work of art using high-resolution replicas of your favourite photographs and paintings relating to your company.

  • Previous Work</h3 >

    Consider putting customer testimonials or case studies from your previous work on the wall or if you are a not for profit business create a large infographic to show visitors how your organisation makes an impact.

  • Inspirational Quotes </h3 >

    Quotes around the office can be enlightening throughout the workday. You can incorporate fun and quirky quotes all the way through to inspirational and motivational.

  • Materials </h3 >

    Mixing up textures and materials in wall graphics can be an interesting way to break up your office space. You can incorporate nature by using materials inspired by outdoors to bring a sense of calm to the office.

  • Lighting </h3 >

    Lighting is a great way to make your graphics pop and draw attention to important areas.

There are plenty more ideas you can draw inspiration from. Here are a few more custom wall graphics that we have completed for our clients:


Ben Dunne Gyms wanted to inject colour, energy and life into their gym floors, but also required a design that could be adapted to all Ben Dunne Gyms regardless of the size. Taking this into consideration we added new paint colours, new interior graphics with vivid splashes of colour, swirls of curved lines and branded graphics.

This gave the gym a much fresher feel. The finished result was met with enthusiasm and was welcomed by all gym members. The way in which we designed it made it easy for Ben Dunne to roll out the new interior feel to the other gyms within the group.

small changes can make a bug differnce


Keenan had a history room as part of their guided tour but it was outdated and the wall graphics were crowded and difficult to read. They wanted to display their rich company heritage via wall graphics in a creative and impactful way. To make it more interactive we renovated the graphics and redesigned a new timeline that was easily readable for any visitors without the need for a live tour guide.

Before wall graphics
After wall graphic transformation


No modern office is complete without incorporating some kind of wall graphics. A simple wall graphic or mural has the ability to transform a dull office space into a creative and inspiring workplace. Take a leaf from the leaders of the industry Google, Facebook, Spotify and Apple – if you want to attract young employees and keep them motivated, you need to incorporate wall graphics to inject life into your office. In this ever-evolving working revolution, it is more important than ever that you create a workplace that represents your business and leaves a lasting impression for both your workers and customers alike.

At AKGraphics we have ample experience designing wall graphics for all spaces. Any space big or small can be transformed from something plain and dull to something engaging and colourful. Whether that’s wall graphics, signage, or window vinyl, we will design it to suit your specific space. If you think your space needs a fresh new look, or have any questions give us a call and we will design a creative new look and feel for your business!

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