Portasol Tools Packaging Design

The Request

Oglesby & Butler have a large collection of gas-powered tools, including the Portasol range. The packaging for their soldering irons, gas torches and plastic welding tools needed to be updated to a more modern look that would work across all the tool packaging.

The Result

AKGraphics first came up with a colour scheme that would work for the entire tool range. Each casing had to fit on a special display stand so how the packages would hang had to be considered. Another issue to consider was the number of languages which had to be included, this limiting the space for graphics.

The solution we devised for the soldering irons was an insert card that folded out to six pages with full instructions in several languages and technical graphics. This fit in the blister pack. The two torches were encased in a box with instruction leaflets within. For the plastic welding kit that came in its own special toolcase, a large cardboard wrap was designed to illustrate its features and benefits. All packaging was similar yet uniquely adapted to each product, from the list of features to the tool’s individually stylised product name.

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