Portable Tasting Counters

Portable Tasting Counters

Portable Display Units for tasting and product demonstrations

AKGraphics designed two product demonstrating units for Specialist Nutrition (Arvum Group), Waterford, for their marquee at The National Ploughing Championships. They required two different display counters that would be eye-catching and would promote their two new products within the marquee. The display counters, which are traditionally used as tasting units in supermarkets etc, are an idea way of drawing attention to a particular product plus you also have a counter to display the physical product.

A perfect portable display solution for supermarkets, markets, petrol stations, retail food and beverage promotions, promotional areas etc AKGraphics, design agency, can design a unit that will grab the attention of your potential target market. Therefore call AKGraphics if you require a portable display unit/ POS on 059 9133633 or email

Portable tasting counters promotions

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