DBC Identity Brochure

DBC Identity Brochure

The Request

DBC Group approached AKGraphics to provide a professional review of its existing DBC branding / stationery / promotional material / trade-show graphics / web graphics. Following a full review the first decision was to sub-divide the DBC Group business into three different sub-divisions: 1) DBC Identity; 2) DBC Graphics; and 3) DBC Office.

It had been noted that the existing DBC customer had become confused by all the different products /services that were available. The reality for AKGraphics was, therefore, to condense / refine these products and services to match their different target markets. The first phase of the new design focused on DBC Identity – Smart ID Technology. This included the design of a detailed A5 brochure outlining a selection of the Smart ID Technology products available. This visual and appealing brochure would be distributed by the DBC sales team to all the existing and new customers.

The Result

Due to the rapid evolution of products and technology, AKGraphics requested DBC Identity to narrow the selection of key products for this DBC Identity brochure. As highlighted by AKGraphics at the start, it was essential that the page count was not too large as the varied target market did not want to be bombarded with too much choice in this type of service brochure. Once the selected content was provided for the brochure, AKGraphics developed a design template for four pages of the DBC Identity brochure. These demonstrated each graphic/ layout/ order details for full client review and feedback.

Upon approval of the chosen template, the design of the full 16-page brochure proceeded. The brochure was a great success and the graphics used within its pages carried through to:
– Trade show graphics (Stand Graphics/ Pull Up Banners/ Flags)
– Name Badges
– Stationery
– Web Graphics
– Additional Catalogues

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