Design of Nicholas Mosse

Design of Nicholas Mosse


The Request

Nicholas Mosse pottery in Bennetsbridge, Co. Kilkenny, create a multitude of unique pottery ranges and shapes specially crafted by hand. They approached AKGraphics to design a new brochure where they could edit as required depending on trends/trade-show/seasons/suppliers/stockists etc.

The Result

Our design solution was to create A5 double sided inserts that were punched in the top left hand corner for all Nicholas Mosse Pottery ranges. The unique part of this is that more cards can be added in the future as the collections are expanded. It was a pretty and functional solution.

New photography was organised to demonstrate the Nicholas Mosse Pottery in everyday use. AKGraphics also completed outline drawings of the shapes available in each pattern and these were used on the reverse of each insert. By doing this, a stockist/supplier was instantly able to show the intended target customer the full range available, including full measurements, etc. Due to shelf or display space limitations in various stockists this unique brochure was the perfect way to show the customer the full range available.

Custom Gift Box Design for Nicholas Mosse

The Request

Nicholas Mosse Pottery decided to create a custom gift box for their pottery which a customer could purchase for themselves or use as a gift box for a special occasion.

The Result

AKGraphics was asked to create a label that could be applied by hand to the outside packaging of the box. This label had to explain how to assemble the box as the box comes in a flat plastic envelope. With magnetic fasteners, it opens up to create a sizeable gift box, patterned with the common sponge-details synonymous with Nicholas Mosse Pottery.

Using watercolours, we painted the five steps needed to assemble the box. Written instructions were put beside these illustrations on an unobtrusive label in the Nicholas Mosse Pottery branding. This design was in keeping with the artisan, handmade ethos of our client.

Swingtag Design for Nicholas Mosse Pottery

The Request

Nicholas Mosse Pottery, Co. Kilkenny, designed a beautiful new pottery steamer and they requested AKGraphics to design a swing tag for this new piece. The design brief was for a swing tag that would complement the hand crafted pottery steamer and show in simple illustrated steps how to use the product. It should also be easy to view and read when attached to the steamer in retail shops.

Swingtag design

The Result

Firstly, AKGraphics graphic design studio assessed the shape of the swing tag which would be attached to the steamer’s lid. We carefully prepared all the illustrations in house, which demonstrated how to use the steamer in a simple step by step guide. We also looked at how the finished guide and text would be viewed by customers on retail shop shelves.

The final bespoke swing tag complemented a beautiful Irish hand crafted piece of pottery.

Bespoke illustration on swing tag design

Printed Newsletter Design for Nicholas Mosse Pottery

The Request

To create a visual design template for a quarterly newsletter for Nicholas Mosse Pottery, in Co. Kilkenny. This newsletter was to be issued by post so the final size was a key consideration factor due to postage costs. Nicholas Mosse Pottery’s purpose and position is to make beautiful tableware that gets used all day, and the newsletter was to demonstrate this and to introduce new shapes, sizes and patterns.

The Result

The result is an effectively designed template for an A5 Newsletter, which works in both four and six page formats. It is a colourful display of what’s new in Nicholas Mosse Pottery, focusing on new shapes, new offers, wedding gift ideas and promoting the detailed and informative Nicholas Mosse Pottery website.

Experience Nicholas Mosse Pottery – and the newsletter – for yourself, by joining the mailing list or visiting the pottery in Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny.

Catalogue for Nicholas Mosse

Product catalogues are an opportunity to visually exhibit all items your business has to offer and a well designed creative catalogue will act as an effective sales tool. At AKGraphics we have many years experience in creating professionally designed catalogues that reflect the type of products for sale.

Single spread from Nicholas Mosse Single spread from Nicholas Mosse

As a regular client we were delighted to be invited back again by Nicholas Mosse Pottery to design their new compact sales catalogue. The purpose of this catalogue was to showcase all current patterns and shapes available for stockists to order. The brochure would be sent to stockist of Nicholas Mosse Pottery to assist them in placing their orders.

This unique and compact size catalogue contains the full range of pottery currently on offer from Nicholas Mosse Pottery. A lot of thought and discussion with Nicholas Mosse Pottery took place before we designed any concepts for this product catalogue as we needed to consider the retailer’s/stockist’s requirements first and foremost. We were fully aware of the large volume of content and wanted to create a design that would allow retailers to place their Nicholas Mosse Pottery order quickly and easily.

Once the catalogue format and structure was agreed and finalised we then began to design this unique sales catalogue for Nicholas Mosse Pottery. This product brochure visually highlights the skill involved in creating the handcrafted Irish pottery. The visuals used show that all patterns are applied to the pottery by hand and affords the retailer a glimpse into the Nicholas Mosse Pottery world. Nicholas Mosse Pottery was established in 1976, their mission was to create beautiful and functional pottery that could handle everyday use. Each piece of pottery created is handmade and the visuals used capture the history and ethos of Nicholas Mosse Pottery. The use of visually engaging lifestyle photography serves to inspire buyers and may encourage them to place orders for shapes or patterns that they may not have otherwise considered.

Pattern Options from catalogue Silhouettes in Nicholas Mosse Catalogue

Throughout this catalogue we included fold out pages that display both the pottery patterns (16 patterns) and the shapes (over 60 shapes) available for purchase. The format of the fold out pages allowed us to display the patterns and shapes in one place which makes the ordering process easier for the stockist.

Each Nicholas Mosse Pottery shape whether it was a mug, jug, bowl, serving dish, kitchenware, plate, giftware, lamp, or ovenware was designed as a silhouette by AKGraphics to illustrate the individual size, shape and form of each pottery product. For the retailer they can easily use this Nicholas Mosse catalogue as a reference guide to view the various patterns on offer and to view all the shapes within each range.

Fold out page in catalogue  Back pocket in catalogue

At the back of the catalogue we also included a pocket which allows Nicholas Mosse to include a separate pricelist which they update and print themselves. This custom pocket keeps the pricing details neat and also means that Nicholas Mosse Pottery have flexibility in terms of pricing as no costs are printed within the catalogue itself.

Print finishes can also help to enhance a catalogue design. In this case we selected a matt laminate finish for the cover while the inside pages are a silk finish stock to ensure vibrant colours within the photography. We also used perfect (PUR) binding which gives a higher end finish than saddle stitching (staples).


img_1219 Stack of catalogues

The completed catalogue captures the handmade feel of Nicholas Mosse Pottery and has been very well received by retailers and stockists. A product catalogue should look good but more importantly it should help to drive sales and create an increase in product orders. If you require a similar sales brochure please contact Anne on 059 9133633 or email

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