Design of Website for Sardinian Dreams

Design of Website for Sardinian Dreams

The Request

We can create the overall look for a new website by providing your chosen web developer with designs for the homepage and a selection of inner pages. This was the request for this particular project. Sardinian Dreams already had a website but they felt that it had become dated and was difficult to navigate. They wanted a fresh design that would entice users to browse and book their holiday with Sardinian Dreams.

The Result

AKGraphics sourced some beautiful photographs showing Sardinia in the best light. By focusing on large images the impact is instant. The user’s attention is captured immediately and they begin to imagine themselves in the locations shown. The second step is equally important to get the user to search for and book their holiday.

AKGraphics designed the holiday search page and results page so that they are very user friendly and easy to follow. Once these pages were designed, the overall look was easily applied to additional pages. View the website here.

As you can see, sometimes a company does not require an entire website to be designed and we can always help in these cases. We can design just a homepage or we can add some web graphics and web banners to your existing website. Whatever your requirements please get in touch and we can discuss the best ways to help you.

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