High-end Magazine Advert Design

High-end Magazine Advert Design

magazine advert design Carlow Ireland is a Carlow based independent energy consultancy firm founded in 2007. approached us here at AKGraphics to design a corporate print advert which would feature in the monthly edition of Passive House+ Magazine. The main emphasis of the advert was to promote the benefits of consulting with, the energy specialists. This was highlighted in the print advert design by using a bullet point format for the body text and breaking each key point into separate statements. No images were used in this print advertisement design so we needed to create an interesting and stimulating design through the use of graphics and angles, whilst introducing the colours, green and orange, into the print advert design. We also worked to the brand guideline, including the branded ‘I’ on the right hand side of the advertisement. With the mixture of bright colours and interesting angles, this made the advert design stand out off the page. Both ourselves and were very happy with the finished design and how it turned out when printed in the Passive House+ Magazine.


Magazine advert design

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