Infographics for Carlow Warehousing Brochure & Website

Infographics for Carlow Warehousing Brochure & Website

The Request

Carlow Warehousing, a logistics & e-commerce fulfilment company, approached AKGraphics to review its website and promotional material in full. The key requirement was to present Carlow Warehousing’s full service offerings (traditional fulfillment and e-commerce) in a professional manner, in order to target companies specifically in Europe, UK, USA and Asia.

The Result

Our first point of call was to hire a professional photographer to photograph the e-commerce fulfilment bespoke software and infrastructure. The new photography demonstrated the Carlow Warehousing e-commerce fulfilment centre and both its efficiency and effectiveness. The photographer also shot the traditional warehouse storage facilities which has a capacity of 50,000 square metres. AKGraphics also hired a professional copywriter to prepare all written content for a promotional brochure and a new responsive website. At AKGraphics we were able to project manage the photographer and the copywriter as requested by Carlow Warehousing.

The new, mobile responsive website was created first, outlining the company’s two different services. View the website here. We also created some colourful online infographics for the website to present visually the technology offered within this company. With good design and layout this new website is promoting Carlow Warehousing’s two services, as per the design brief. Upon completion of the website, AKGraphics designed an A5 promotional brochure and a suite of stationery.

If you are looking for a company to manage your distribution process look no further than Carlow Warehousing, as the combined operations mean that they have the capacity and scope to cope with any customer requirements.

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