IOLITE Butane Gas Can Design

IOLITE Butane Gas Can Design

The Request

AKGraphics were asked to design striking spot colour graphics for the Iolite Premium Butane Gas Can for the export market.

The Result

A premium design for the Iolite Premium Butane Gas Can was created using an effective light blue lid to make the gas canister stand out from its competitors on the shelf. Strict guidelines were discussed in depth before any design work was produced as there are restrictions regarding exact gas symbols size requirements, text, etc. AKGraphics also discussed in depth with the chosen gas can printer regarding do’s and don’ts for cans.

Following on from the above design AKGraphics designed a one colour distribution box to contain all 12 x 300ml refill aerosols for export.

The can printing project proved to be a learning curve for AKGraphics and by learning about and completing such projects we become an ever more experienced graphic design agency.


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