Joanna Doyle Ceramics Website

Joanna Doyle Ceramics Website

The Request

Joanna Doyle Ceramics makes finely thrown porcelain ware – both for functional and artistic purposes. Her range of pottery is ideal for all occasions from functional kitchen and household pots to more sculptural/decorative pieces in a range of sizes.

Inspiration for the work comes from simple elegant forms. Her request was for a website that would echo the simplicity and beauty of her ceramics. Required also were business cards that could double up as swing tags for her products.

The Result

AKGraphics designed a content managed  system (CMS) website that would allow her creations to shine through. Joanna supplied wonderful product images which she styled and photographed herself. The website is created in a way that will easily allow Joanna to add additional products and categories as she develops new lines. In general, this is something that is important as it allows a client to expand their website without any extra costs.

The website is fully mobile responsive, as many people will browse this type of products on their phones. View her website here.

We then designed a business card, using very high quality card to give a very high premium feel. The size of the business card is also different to standard. By creating a square business card we gave the card a less corporate feel. There is also scope for Joanna to use the business cards as swing tags by punching a hole in the top corner and attaching ribbon or cord. Such dual use of items is always a plus for smaller businesses.

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