Logo design for company who provide advice in relation to energy performance building regulation

Logo design for company who provide advice in relation to energy performance building regulation

nZeb logo

Colour GIF Options for nZEB

nZEB logo sketches nZEB concept development nZeb logo Stationary for nZEB

New building regulations state that all new buildings in Ireland should be “nZEB” by 31st December 2020. nZEB refers to a building that has a very high energy performance, where the nearly zero or very low amount of energy required is covered by energy from renewable sources. A certificate of compliance with Building Regulations cannot be signed off and the building cannot be occupied until the nZEB standard is met.

Our client offers information on the topic of nZEB and needed a brand identity. We created a modern logo taking inspiration from renewable energy. The icon was inspired by solar panels and energy. We chose lime green as it is a bright and vibrant colour, green also usually represents eco-friendly and has an association with renewable energy.

We also provided a brand guideline which included information on the colours of the brand and also guidance on the minimum size allowed for the logo.

The client wanted the logo to reflect Ireland in some way to ensure it was very obvious that this was an Irish company. Rather than adding Irish symbols which may not be visible at small scale in the logo we provided a bank of imagery with a strong focus on Irish culture, atmosphere and environment which would enhance the feeling that this is an Irish company.

The logo we created is very versatile and allows our client to use it when the company grows and expands by incorporating logo sub tags. Different sectors of the company can adopt their own colour while remaining under the main brand. As shown the tagline has an interchangeable final word. This allows it to become nearly zero energy building: airtightness, insulation, ventilation or many more.

If you would a logo design for a company with a focus on environmental topics please call Anne on 0599133633 or email

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