Newspaper Advert Design for Xenon Security

Newspaper Advert Design for Xenon Security

Newspaper Advert for Xenon Security

The Request

Xenon Security Systems requested an advertisement design for the Sunday Business Post, as the newspaper was running a business feature on security offerings for commercial and residential markets. Xenon Security Systems had managed to get an editorial feature alongside this advertisement.

The Result

Design for this advert had to incorporate the logo, contact details, website address plus a short message outlining the services/products for Xenon Security Systems.

On a daily basis at AKGraphics we get requests from clients to create print or online advertisements for nationwide/local media. Print advertising has not died and remains as strong today when the right location/media (and hence the right target audience) is identified for your business. For print advertising, the size of the ad directly relates to cost. For online, you have a variety of shapes and formats, such as skyscrapers, banners, etc. Online advertising, which links directly to your website is easy to track, as Google Analytics on your website will tell you how many people ‘clicked through’ from the ad.

Whatever the size or media, AKGraphics will discuss in detail what message you are trying to achieve. We then design the ad around these requirements, focusing on getting your message across instantly.

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