O’Toole Composting

O’Toole Composting

Newspaper Advert Design for O’Toole Composting

The Request

O’Toole Composting not only compost organic commercial waste but also sell the by-products of their composting, including compost-enriched topsoil. As topsoil is not the most striking of images, they called on the services of AKGraphics to help promote their product.

The Result

Using attractive colours that complemented O’Toole Composting’s logo and existing style, AKGraphics created a newspaper advertisement which was eye-catching and successfully delivered the message. The important points were set out in a clear and understandable way, and the imagery helped the viewer to visualise how O’Toole Composting’s topsoil could improve their garden.

Truck Graphics for O’Toole Composting

The Request

We were asked to design large graphics to display on O’Toole Composting Trucks. As the O’Toole Composting Organic & Food Waste trucks travelled busy national roads on a daily basis, the vehicle graphics would promote the services of the business through ‘free’ advertising.

The Result

Due to the large size of the panels on the side of the O’Toole Composting truck, AKGraphics wanted to create a design that would wrap as a continuous, attractive graphic.

The vehicle graphic design is colourful and eye-catching, both visually and in terms of memorability, which is what our client requested.

This then filtered into a logo design for O’Toole Composting, which also extended to stationery and signage design. Following this, AKGraphics designed a promotional A5 landscape brochure to promote O’Toole Composting’s services. Next was the design of promotional flyers, advertising and more vehicle graphics.
Good vehicle graphics can be an ideal investment for any business looking to promote their brand and services on a daily basis, as such graphics reach a wide audience and can help yield returns for a growing business.

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