Packaging Design for Poitin Bottle

Packaging Design for Poitin Bottle

Dublin Whiskey Company approached AKGraphics to design a label for a new product. This product has not yet been created so the label was needed for proposals and to test the interest in the product. Dublin Whiskey Company are a new entry into the whiskey market, as they say themselves on their website they “…will produce the highest quality products – a range of spirits crafted in the tradition of fine Irish distilling. This will be done using the highest quality ingredients and a pioneering approach.”

Normally when designing a label for whiskey the approach is to highlight the traditional side. Because this product is a little bit different AKGraphics could use a more contemporary and modern label design. An optional neck label was also designed. The neck label added to the premium feel and also functions as a safety seal. To ensure a label design that would blend with their corporate identity AKGraphics used their brand guidelines as a reference tool for colours and styles.



Design for Dublin Whiskey Company Poitin Label

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