Property Development Marketing

Property Development Marketing

We designed a suite of marketing material for the promotion and advertising of an exclusive development of 33 holiday homes. Kilkea Golf Lodges form part of Kilkea Castle Estate in Co Kildare. Located beside the Club House, residents of The Lodges can enjoy all that this wonderful, luxury Estate has to offer. The items designed for this new housing development included an informative and engaging property brochure and a range of newspaper adverts for different publications.

unique property brochure

Its important to note that all designs produced by us for print were also made available to the client for online promotion. This adds additional value to your design as you can use them across multiple platforms to reach a larger audience of potential buyers. Digital versions of the design can be used in newsletters, websites, emails and social media.

unique property brochure design

Starting with the property brochure design we created a modern yet welcoming look. Large visuals, in the form of photography and photo-realistic images, were used by us to ensure the brochure captures the reader’s attention. Precise floor-plans, detailed site-map and key features of the houses give the potential home buyer a clear impression of the type of houses on offer.

property brochure design

The fascinating history of the location was highlighted to sell the unique aspects of this development. The other important selling point is the Golf Course, so ample information and visuals were included in the design to communicate this benefit.

custom property brochure

property brochure design

A unique custom window was cut into the cover which add a really interesting feature to the printed brochure. Print finishes such as this die-cut window can lift a brochure from ordinary to eye-catching.

property brochure design

Property brochure design

Once the property brochure design was completed we turned our attention to the design of a number of newspaper adverts. Capturing the atmosphere of the development is important for the print advert design. The purpose of the newspaper advert is to raise awareness of the homes for sale and to establish an initial interest from a potential buyer. We are always happy to advise on follow-on promotional and marketing items that will assist in the end goal of selling houses.


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