Redesign of Logo & Stationery for BPB

Redesign of Logo & Stationery for BPB

BPB accountants, who are based in Carlow, are a chartered accountancy practice specialising in business advice, accountancy and taxation. Previously known as Brian P. Buckley & Co., BPB accountants approached us looking for a complete re-brand of their business identity. Essentially they wanted to shorten their name to just simply BPB. This meant a new logo would be needed as well as a new stationery design. Taking the step to shorten their name and change logo meant BPB wanted their new brand to look modern and contemporary with a large emphasis on the letters BPB in the logo.
To achieve a contemporary modern logo for BPB accountants it was decided to concentrate on the circular curves of both the letters ‘b’ and ‘p’. The idea was to keep the circular curve consistent throughout the 3 letters, BPB. The curves were slightly cut short to give a modern look and feel. A balance had to be found so that the logo looked modern and contemporary, yet, still legible and instantly recognisable. To finish off the logo a small section on the top of the ‘b’ was dissected to enhance the style of the BPB logo. Due to the nature of the business it was decided a royal purple would best reflect BPB as a whole. Tints of grey were also used in the branding to compliment the main purple colour.
Once the BPB logo was finalised, we turned our attention to the stationery items – business card design, letterhead design, continuation sheet design and compliment slip design. The idea was to keep the stationery professional and clean in order to allow the BPB logo be the focal point of the design.
Overall BPB accountants were very happy with their new branding and professional new look

Following a period of sustained growth in our practice, we engaged with AKGraphics to provide a logo for our business. The purpose was to promote the identity of the business as a whole rather than Brian Buckley individually, owing to the variety of specialisms that the business has to offer. AKGraphics helped us to develop our brand as opposed to just our logo. We found them to be very professional, helpful and positive all all stages during the project. They understood our brief and provided creative branding solutions that have positively assisted the business in tangible terms already. We are very pleased with AKGraphics and would be happy to recommend them to all business sectors. We also look forward to working with them going forward as our creative partners

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