Road Signage Design for Business Picnic

Road Signage Design for Business Picnic

Road Signage for Business Picnic

The Request

The Duckett’s Grove Business Picnic was aimed at providing an important opportunity for local, regional and national businesses to come together and celebrate their success, hear stories from their peers and promote themselves by networking in an informal setting. Over 250 different enterprises attended this event and it was hosted by 2FM’s Rick O’Shea and a panel of eight business people who shared their stories. A promotional brochure and road signage were required for this event.

The Result

With only a limited budget, AKGraphics designed the brochure to promote this networking event using a front cover design concept that followed through into road signage for the busy roads of Carlow. Road signage is only visible for a few seconds, so the content needs to be short and sweet, and deliver great impact. Our colourful design for the first The Duckett’s Grove Business Picnic was memorable, effective and easy to use across all media platforms.

The road signage was a 16ft x 8ft corriboard signs (two 8ft x 4ft) which were then used on stage for the event. Creating a large backdrop for the stage made this very effective for press photography and social media photography also.

Working with a tight budget requires AKGraphics to be creative with that budget. If a customer can get multiple uses out of materials it adds more value for the client.

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