Stone Systems Brochure Design

Stone Systems Brochure Design

Brochure for Stone Systems

The Request

With over 25 years of experience, Stone Systems have created world class architectural stone buildings. Stone Systems approached AKGraphics to design a new promotional brochure to sell their varied services worldwide. The design brief was to keep this brochure very visual, employing condensed text so that the strength of the photography and architectural visuals could shine through.

The Result

The difficult part for many AKGraphics’ customers is condensing the content for any brochure, keeping in mind your target market and what potential customers are looking for. Working directly with Stone Systems allowed AKGraphics time to understand the business services and what is different about this company compared to the competition. The final presentation of this Stone Systems brochure featured the selected work and technical information for the intended audience. Print finish on this brochure, in relation to final finished size and binding, makes it stand out from the rest. By designing a professional promotional brochure with all of the above in mind – the printed result speaks for itself.

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