Machinery Stickers Designed for Tanco

Tanco, the agricultural wrapping specialists, required their branding on stickers for their bale wrapping machines. AKGraphics used the Tanco logo, web address and machine model numbers to create separate stickers to distinguish and brand the bale wrapping machinery so that they were more easily identified. The custom stickers are durable and weatherproof.

Multilingual Brochure Design

With markets in over 30 countries worldwide it is not enough for Tanco to simply have an English language version of their sales brochure. Tanco Autowrap produces the widest range of quality agricultural wrapping machinery in the world. To enable them to reach each of their target audiences in their own native tongue AKGraphics were asked to design a series of multilingual brochures translated into various languages including French, German and Spanish. The multilingual brochure design features professional photography of the Tanco machinery along with strong typography and bold colours. AKGraphics started the series of different language brochures with the English language version. Once the English brochure design was fully approved translations were added to the other brochures. Printing costs were made as economic as possible by ensuring all of the different language brochures were be printed at the same time.

Creating multilingual brochures is usually recommended for businesses aimed at expanding their market to overseas countries. Using a single English brochure can be the easiest way to get your message across but by providing a more comprehensive service you can increase your target market and your sales substantially. AKGraphics can help you to engage the attention of your target market, and drive sales and awareness, through innovative design.

Creative Brochure design for Tanco
Creative Brochure design for Tanco

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