Teagasc Custom Calendar Design

Teagasc Custom Calendar Design

The Request

The design brief for Teagasc, Johnstown Castle, Co. Wexford, was to design a visual A4 custom wall calendar to demonstrate Soils of Ireland 2015 – to celebrate the “International Year of Soils 2015″. Johnstown Castle is Ireland’s research centre for soils and the rural environment. Teagasc supplied a detailed photograph bank to demonstrate each soil type for all the different areas in Ireland.

The Result

Design templates were created by AKGraphics to demonstrate to Teagasc how we could apply all the required visual elements to each calendar month. Upon written approval of the chosen calendar template, AKGraphics then completed the design of the calendar. This Teagasc calendar is a complete picture of the diversity and properties of soils in Ireland. AKGraphics designed detailed maps to highlight these various soil types. Once the calendar was printed an online version was also produced by AKGraphics.

A custom designed calendar with your branding and information is a very effective promotional tool as calendars are used in so many places: offices, shops, homes and clubs. And wherever people place your promotional calendar, they are advertising your business.


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