Temporary Website Holding Page Design for Aquarium Guard

Temporary Website Holding Page Design for Aquarium Guard

The Request

Aquarium Guard is a universal testing kit for all types of aquariums. The kit contains several tests that can be performed in the home to give instant results on aquarium water. There is also an app for smartphones that can be downloaded as part of the kit. This kit needed to be brought from a concept in T. E. Laboratories to a marketable finished product, with a promotional website created.

The Result

The logo, designed by AKGraphics, uses the shape of the ‘i’ and ‘u’ to make Poseidon’s trident, the god and guardian of the seas. A temporary website was created by AKGraphics as the kit is still awaiting formal approval for the consumer market.

T.E. Laboratories wanted to gauge public interest and after very positive reactions within the industry and the aquarium business, they required the name and product to be visible to the public. The website lists the important contact details and a clickable email address link goes directly to their sales team. The angles of the graphics add an extra dimension to the webpage.

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