The Label Factory Portfolio Folder

The Label Factory Portfolio Folder

The Label Factory Bespoke Corporate Folder Design

The Label Factory is a national and multinational award-winning label print company based in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. They are recognised as print label experts in the food, spirits and luxurious self-adhesive label sector.

The Label Factory requested AKGraphics to design a portfolio folder which they would use to show their prospective clients some of their printed labels. This gives clients and  perspective clients the opportunity to see first hand the exceptional  print quality , detail of embellishments , and an opportunity to experience first hand the effect of tactile finishes – with varnish / substrate / emboss / deboss

This corporate folder needed to be clearly branded. The folder holds interchangeable sheets of acetate with their variety printed labels stuck on to the individual acetate sheets. The label factory needed to be able to change the sheets depending on the client they would be giving the portfolio to. The number of sheets in each corporate folder could vary, depending on the target market and client requirements.

We designed the front cover of the corporate folder to be very eye-catching with an image of a bottle with a label on it, the label has a green foil in the shape of the Label Factory logo. The green foil is in a large block area and is very effective. It gives the folder an exclusive look. We placed a texture look in the background this makes the corporate folder very visually appealing and also showcases the variety of technical printing options available from The Label Factory. The very light grey background colour makes the green foil jump off of the page. This corporate folder has a great attention to detail, a beautiful printed job to display an array of printed labels created by the Label Factory – therefore making a lasting impression.

If you require a generic corporate folder for your business or service offering, please give us a call on 059 9133633 or email to discuss your requirements for your business.

The Label Factory Bespoke Corporate Folder Design The Label Factory Bespoke Corporate Folder Design

12215-lf_portfolio-image03 The Label Factory Bespoke Corporate Folder Design

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